Sequena “Queen” Alexander

Events Specialist

Sequena Alexander, also known as “Queen,” is a creative from Grand Prairie, Texas. With a degree in Marketing and Visual Communications from Wade College, Queen’s journey seamlessly blends artistry, entrepreneurship, and community upliftment. After flourishing in luxury jewelry, Queen founded The Greenwood Gallery on Tulsa’s historic Black Wall Street. This unique gallery exclusively championed black and brown artists, hosting impactful events that resonated deeply with the community. As a four-time published author, Queen’s words resonate profoundly. She transformed The Greenwood Gallery into an innovative online platform upon returning to Dallas. Queen’s story has been featured in Ebony Magazine, and she’s a sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship and her legacy as a Black Wall Street descendant. Queen’s passion lies in creating transformative events that empower artists and communities. An accomplished painter, sculptor, and devoted mother, she embodies creativity in all aspects of life.